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About Company

Johnson Advanced Manufacturing (in short JAM) has been established in 1997 after the retirement of Henry Johnson (Snr) from LKB in Nelspruit. Henry Johnson (Snr) has built citrus crop sprayers since 1992.

With the establishment of JAM in 1997 the Volmac sprayer, as it was known up to then, was redesigned using the latest computer aided design and analysis software and manufactured using the latest technologies available such as laser cutting, CNC machining etc. This new sprayer was named the ULTIMA.

JAM was run by the two brothers Mauritz & Henry Johnson. In February 1998 Henry Johnson (Jnr) departed from the company. HM Leers & CO approached Mauritz Johnson during 1998 to add the Ultima Sprayer to their product list since they lack a high volume sprayer in their range of sprayers. For the period 1998 to 2000 the marketing of the sprayers has been done by HM Leers & CO on an exclusive basis renaming the ULTIMA Sprayer to the CITRO SPRAYER.

In 1999 a new sprayer with a redesigned tower, parallel in shape, manufactured from 3Cr12 utility stainless steel was manufactured and delivered to Schoeman Farms for evaluation in 2000. This sprayer came through with great distinction and with small modifications this new model came into production in May 2001 with the result that the production of the CITRO SPRAYER was shelved. With the computer aided design capabilities the development of all products are being kept up to date.

Above is a sprayer as build in 1997

UltimaTurbo Front

New Modular Sprayer.