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Small Specialised Sprayers

This sprayer is a compact, high volume trailed sprayer. The sprayer has a 1000 liter gr304 stainless steel tank. The chassis is galvanised. All steel pipes are gr304 stainless steel including the nozzle booms. The sprayer has a COMET APS120 Pump that delivers 120 lt/min and a maximum pressure of 50 bar. The spray booms can be adjusted horizontally as well as vertically.  The nozzles are TURBO-JET nozzles. The delivery, spray angle, droplet size and delivery can be adjusted individually on each nozzle. The tank is fitted with a hydraulic agitator for mixing.

The sprayer is designed to operate behind tractors such as the KUBOTA B2530 (18kw) and similar. Only 18kw is required to operate the sprayer. The tractor must have a PTO shaft that operates at 540 RPM.

The sprayer can be used for spraying the following: Grapes, tomatoes, coffee, tee, olives, citrus, bananas, pomegranates or any highly densely planted crops.