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JAM- Johnson Advanced Machinery


JAM manufactures the ULTIMA 3000, ULTIMA 4000, ULTIMAC 3000 and UTLIMA 4000 high volume air assisted sprayer for citrus, AVO and macadamia orchards.  This sprayers has been developed since 1991 to become the leading in technology in South Africa.   These sprayers are known as the ULTIMA RANGE  and has been designed in South Africa for the harsh conditions they experience.  The units are durable and can be utilised to apply low to high volume coverage.

Crop sprayer vary in height from:

  • 3m High sprayers where hail/shade netting is installed.
  • 4m to 5m Sprayers for the citrus, mango etc. market.
  • 5m to 6m Sprayers for the macadamia industry.
  • Custom build sprayer conforming to the clients requirements.

All sprayers are supplied with free ActiveSpray software for easy  calibration of the sprayer. More comprehensive software, ActiveSpray-Pro, is also available. The software makes calibration easy and prints calibrating data, keeps record etc. that is needed for exporting of your product.

The tower section, spray booms, sump plate and chain cover is made from 3Cr12 Stainless Steel whereas the tank and all metal pipes are made from gr304 Stainless Steel.

Specialized Sprayers

Smaller sprayers that can be towed by QUAD motorcycles and smaller tractors such as the Kubota B2530 etc. can be build on request.  See the photo gallery. 


Turnkey equipment are build and supplied for the extraction of essential oils from herbs via steam distillation. The equipment includes buildings, weigh bridges, fixed and mobile distillation vessels, heat exchangers, oil separators, specially modified boilers, laboratory equipment etc.

Units can be build for any size of distillation facility. These sizes can vary from distilling 10kg to 2000kg of herbs.


Above is a tower type orchard sprayer as used in the citrus, macadamia & avocado industry.


Most of the sprayer is build from stainless steel.

Tomato-, Olive, etc. sprayer. Need 18kW (24hp) tractor. This unit has a 1000 lt tank and is only 1m wide.


A mobile distillation unit capable of distilling up to 35ha of Rose Geranium plants. 

UltimaTurbo Front           UltimaTurbo Rear